To mark a distance from standards and rehashed creative solutions. This is the dictate of Algerian-German designer and architect Yasmine Behjadj-Djilali, based in Berlin, who develops innovative solutions for furniture and products for new types of uses, with new formal and conceptual identities. This is the case with SOFT TARGETS, a series of objects at human scale – more sculpture than furniture – that offer a temporary hiding place, a shelter from the environment, whichever it may be. Poetic, futuristic objects – that mirrored surface... – anachronistic in a way, that non only conceal, but host anyone who enters into their little cosmos, heightening their sense of safety and privacy, even in the office. As if to decree a ‘non-function’ of the object itself. SOFT TARGETS is an invitation, through design, to reflect on the needs of the creative process which can have a more existential or aesthetic, rather than functional value, as in this case: what is the relationship between the surface and the space that the product itself defines?

Project: SOFT_TARGETS (2016) © Yasmine Benhadj-Djilali


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